project: M-store „souvenirs edition”
place: Spain | Barcelona
type: proffesional work | interior design
design: august 2013 | built september 2013
cooperation: External Reference Architects
creative director: Chu Urroz

01_interior.pdf 01_interior.pdf

Renovated by Jean Nouvel Fábrica Moritz is the home of Catalan brewer Moritz, which was first started up in 1856 and relaunched by the Moritz family in 2004 after a 26 year hiatus.

Main goal for this project was to design an exhibition for souvenir shop. Leading topic was MORITZ WORLD – the reinterpretated image of the world, reflecting the range of countries worldwide where Moritz products are being sold. For these reasons we have created a brand new map of our planet, a new order ruled by Moritz Brewery. Another issue was to create space for the souvenirs on a huge table. For this modular and prametric-a-like structure was designed, creating tectonical hills and valleys for products exposition. Colours of all of the elements reflects colour range used for Moritz’s occasional products.






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