project: artistic intervention in small path in Lisbon’s old town
place: Portugal | Lisbon
type: workshop project
design: may 2013
tutors: Brito.Rodriguez Architects and artist Arjan Janssen
author: Karolina Tarkowska

Project is based on artistic interventions in public space, in a narrow pedestrian street, which is a shortcut for the local people. It is supposed to be a low-cost and low-material project with artistic meaning. As a reference was taken a piece of art made by Lucio Fontana – Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’ / Concetto spaziale ‘Attesa’ (1960). That perfectly represents the atmosphere of the path. It lays below the street level and is also like a cut in the urban tissue. That is why, to emphasise this effect of cut, whole path with the walls is covered with the black glossy oil paint, which creates clear, strong image of cut in urban scale.



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