exerscience_optical gym

We think that to encourage people to exercise we have to make the activities attractive. We wanted to follow so called FUN THEORY, which believes that fun may change people’s behavior. We also wanted our project to be modular, easy to change and suitable for every public space, but most of all –interactive.

place: Germany | Cologne
type: competition project
design: may 2013
authors: Karolina Tarkowska, Pawel Kochanski


Idea for the project was to design an object, urban furniture which would allow to connect exercising and educational functions. It is named EXERSCIENCE and has a form of a public gym machines, but much more interesting. It could be placed in every type of public space and it was dedicated to function outdoors but it might be used indoors as well. Thanks to its modular design all the units may be variously connected into different combination and be easily adapted regarding to the on-place conditions, creating interesting compositions. At the same time its modern, unusual shape stimulates to take a look inside and eye-catching color is encouraging and inviting to play with.

Its appearance is created by three intersecting S-shaped elements in which each of them plays its own role. Every upper end is finished with flexible appliance with viewfinder, which would be dedicated for different exercise (examples of possible exercises are presented in the project). Every exercise is connected with science-related experiments, for instance – as presented in the project – optical science. By taking action on machine its user creates movement of installed inside device which shows him the way of working of basic optical accessories (such as praxinoscope, kaleidoscope, optical illusions). Presentations are fully changeable and may be further developed without any limitations.



The way machines work is based on simple mechanical technology, all energy needed to create movement of experimental devices is created by its user. That means that all of the machines are fully sustainable in energetic matters. Its complex shape makes them resistible for destruction. Proposed materials for the construction is steel frame and a carbon fiber coating reinforced with glass fiber. These are very durable materials and they do not require much conservation and causes no problems with maintenance.


All of the appliances have fully adjustable height so that they could be easily used on every level, from children to mature users. Universal design of the unit allows using it in many possible ways, not only as an exercise machine but also as an exercise prop, a bench or deck chair. Thanks to that it not only allows its user to keep fit, but also to rest and relax – perfect for sport and leisure activities! Thanks to the rolls every unit might be easily moved and allows its users to create various connections just the way they want and need. It also encourage people to be creative, to discover new possibilities and at the same time exercise!




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